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Breaking News med EnRIz – Dubbelmoral inget nytt

Jag såg alldeles nyss partiledare Anna Troberg som gäst i Breaking News med Filip och Fredrik. Hon var inbjuden för att prata om attityden i kommentarsfält tillsammans med Jan Helin, chefredaktör på Aftonbladet, och Robert Aschberg, medial bulldozer.

Då jag skrivit så här långt så pågår programmet fortfarande, så kanal5play har det inte uppe och jag vet inte om det här klippet finns på tuben eller liknande än, men jag rekommenderar alla att se det för det var rätt intressant.

Jag må vara jävig då Anna är partiledare i det parti där jag är aktiv, men Aschberg är en person som passar bättre till att göra något annat än vad han gjorde i kväll. Varje chans att knipa åt sig irrelevanta och billiga poäng utnyttjades till fullo. (Jag vet att jag länkat den förut men den är relevant och awesome.)

Grejen är det att i kväll köpte många härskartekniken, för Aschberg håller på med media, är en underhållare, och vet hur man hanterar en publik. Twitter exploderade i en mindre hyllningsstorm där man tyckte att det var underbart att Aschberg ”skrattade låtsaspartiets ledare i ansiktet”.
Av det jag såg så användes både osynliggörande och förlöjligande i kväll och många köper det för att det antagligen är underhållande att se någon sitta och vara dryg mot någon annan.

Men vänta nu, vad var det vi diskuterade nu igen? Jo de som betedde sig precis så som Aschberg gjorde, fast anonymt på nätet då, de betedde sig illa och är ett stort problem. Det blir så mycket moral att det blir dubbelmoral.

Jag känner att jag skulle kunna skriva lite mer, men vill kunna kolla avsnittet igen då jag fokuserade på ett fåtal saker för att komma ihåg dom ordentligt.

Avslutar med en två tweets och en uppmaning:!/niklassvensson/statuses/108276178296635392 (Enligt sin twitter ”Politisk reporter på Expressen. ” Nåja, där får han ju vara oemotsagd från och med nu.)

Uppmaningen lyder: Kolla avsnittet på Kanal5 Play om ni missade det, om inte annat så får ni se Aschberg bulldoza sig igenom mer TV.

2 kommentarer

  1. It’d be comforting if that was the rsoaen my last letters didn’t get published in the Times. Or Private Eye for that matter…We haven’t lived in a democracy for the last decade. We have all the trappings of democracy – voting, members of parliament, local councils and so on – but the fundamental right to choose a government that represents us is lost, and has been since maastricht. Our government resides in Brussels. And occasionally strasbourg.Brown is simply our provincial governor, head of a vestigial government that stays in power only at the behest of the state-funded – and now EU funded – BBC and has no powers of its own. Voting rates are so low that they might as well not bother listening, with a consequence that no government since 1992 has really had a true mandate to govern. We’re denied our say. An outsider (*cough*charles*cough*) might look in from their high hobby horse and loudly proclaim ”how did you let it happen?! You deserve everything you get!” without seeing the seriously long game being played and the baleful influence the media have had over the whole affair. This was first planned out in 1919, and the first Coal and Steel Union treaty lays out every single goal still being worked toward almost 70 years later. By the time the internet rolled around it was already too late; every complaint about EU integration up to that point had been nursed away by the BBC, who convinced anyone who disagreed with the prevailing wisdom that they were an isolated crackpot and who lulled the rest of the population into a falsely secure sleep as one freedom after another was quietly slipped away.My generation inherits this mess, and we are moving into a position where we should be able to change things but, thanks to the efforts of those before us, the power is already out of our hands. In the next few years there’ll be talk of revolution across much of Europe, even here in the UK where revolutionary tendencies have always been muted, not from the traditional left but from the right, those on the side of freedom and individual responsibility. Expo and the Antifa are digging their own graves by courting islam and the authoritarian dictatorship of the EU. Anyone aligning with them will not have a nice time over the next few years as the proverbial starts to hit the wind turbine. Anyone who stands for the right of a nation to define determine its own course, who stands for the rights of the individual against the state, I side with them. I don’t care if they want to create their perfect little aryan utopia in a corner of some forgotten field as long as they agree with the principle of self determination.Put that in yer pipes and smoke it, letters editors! (and that’ll hopefully be the longest comment I make)

  2. It is great to see fjordman coimng up with some facts about the Red Fascists,and how how have been functioning and cuddling with islamofascists in Scandinavia Most people have forgotten how an ammunition dump was raided is Southern Sweden in the early eighties, and the explosives from this raid where found when the police in Denmark where busting the The Blekinge Street gangBlekinge Street (Blekingegade) was the name of a street in Copenhagen where a gigantic weapons cache and other material belonging to a Marxist group was found during the 1980′s.The marxist group that since then has been publicly known as the Blekinge Street Gang had pulled of several successful bank robberies, and had acquired substantial amounts of money to support the communist struggle and the PLFP; enough to buy a large cache of weapons supposedly meant to be sent to the Palestinian terrorists / freedom fighters organization PFLP.The group was arrested more or less because of bad luck; they stood trial and were convicted to several years in prison. The Murderer of police officer Jesper Egtved Hansen still running freeDuring one of their robberies the Marxist gangsters shot a young police officer, Jesper Egtved Hansen but none of the seven terrorists among whom the internationally known Swiss terrorist Marc Rudin could be convicted of the murder. They all refused to tell who had actually pulled the trigger, so nobody was ever convicted for this heinous crime.Some of the gang members are still politically active, and some are heroes and role models for the contemporary Danish red-fascist movement around the organizations DEMOS, REDOX, Ungdomshuset, ARN, AFA and a large numbers of similar groups. 1)After serving their rather lenient sentences, one of the murderers Thorkil Lauesen was rewarded with a high post in the municipality of Copenhagen where a sympathetic contact; Bo Asmus Keldgaard member of the Socialist Party SF, helped secure the ex con a well paid job apparently in good understanding with the dominating Social Democrat fraction and their Mayor, and without repercussions when it became public knowledge that the perpetrater of a highly politically motivated crime got the job.

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